After 20 years of service as the President of Renzenberger, Inc., Bill Smith will retire effective September 1, 2011. Under his leadership, the company grew from 100 vehicles to over 1,200 and built a reputation as the premier crew transportation provider. Bill will continue to offer his expertise to Renzenberger, Inc. as a member of the board.

Karen Seitter has been named President for Renzenberger, Inc.  With a company tenure spanning nearly 20 years, Karen has held various positions including Manager of Employee Services, Vice President of Organizational Support and Development, and most recently, Executive Vice President. Karen holds a degree in Human Resources Management with further certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  She has successfully guided the company to be the leader in the industry’s technological innovations while maintaining an industry-leading safety record.

Karen’s extensive experience and background in the industry will ensure a seamless transition of leadership.  Renzenberger, Inc.’s customers can expect a continued focus on safety and the implementation of technology to provide improved service and better trip information.   Karen and the rest of the team are committed to maintaining Renzenberger, Inc.’s position as the leader in the crew transportation industry.

Renzenberger, Inc. is a premier crew transportation provider.   In 1983 we opened our doors with two vans and a vision of providing the highest quality crew transportation service to the nation's railroads.
Today, we operate a fleet of over 1,200 vehicles in more than 20 states and are the recognized leader in crew transportation.

Our rapid growth is the result of our commitment to safety and our on-going dedication to providing transportation services that exceed our customers’

expectations.  We challenge ourselves daily to find better and more efficient solutions to provide service to our customers through the use of technology.  Our partnerships with our customers have established us as the premier crew transportation provider.

Our success is based on every employee’s commitment to safety and quality in all facets of our business.  At Renzenberger, we are proud of these high standards. We believe that nothing is more important than the safe transportation of our customers.

Our on-time performance records are second to none in the industry. Simply put, that’s how we do it at Renzenberger – safely and on time.